Our Community

Community spirit is strong at YATB. Our community makes us who we are, and is at the heart of everything we do.

Our classes, courses and events are all created with our community in mind. We actively listen and respond to requests, crafting classes and content to support our community’s specific needs.

Our aim is to bring people together, to offer a space and a practice where we can explore the connection we have with our bodies and mind, with one another, and within our community as a whole.

Yoga provides such a wonderful container for us to cultivate these connections, and has become a gateway for our individual practices to weave together into the warm community we have created here. You may come to YATB for yoga, but you’ll always leave with a sense of togetherness.

We’re grateful that so many of you continue practicing with us, and look forward to growing with you.


Ashley is always full of energy and devotes everything to her sessions. She explains clearly and provides structured sessions which are always different.  Ashley makes everyone feel welcome whether they are regulars or occasional drop-ins.


There is always a calm, happy, relaxed atmosphere at the barn, whatever the class.


As someone who has used yoga to heal from both rotator cuff injury and an autoimmune illness I really think that yoga classes at YATB have played a huge role in my healing journey.