Summer Series Course


I wanted to give this course to folks who are feeling DONE after the year we’ve had.

This course is an opportunity to let your body remind you that there are SO many resources within you for finding, space, strength, ease, rest, boundaries . . . and that by simply turning your attention inwards you may find that the support you’ve been so desperately seeking externally is there within, ready and easy to access.

This course is designed for you to take as you like, when you like throughout the summer months.  Take your time and savour the practice and reflection pieces.  Come back to the practices you love – leave out the ones that don’t work for you (that’s part of listening to your body – and thus part of the process).  There is no right way in or through the course, your way is the right way.

To access this course after purchasing it, head to “My Dashboard”, and then into your “Purchased Videos & Content” library!