Yoga Nourish – A Toolbox: Movement and Breath Practices for Modern Life – Online | Starting 10.04.21


This 4-week course is for those with interest in movement & breathing practices to cultivate a more expansive sense of joy, contentment and wellbeing, understanding & developing practices introduced within Yoga Nourish Morning sessions within a friendly, safe space.

This is a morning session so will be full to the brim with mindful mobilisation, fluid spinal movements, centring posture work (staged for your body), invigorating movement, energising breathing practices (pranayama) & consolidation via relaxation. 

A toolkit of diverse practices to use in your daily life:

You will be given the opportunity to explore practices to ease out the often forgotten areas – the neck & eyes, shoulders, wrists & hands as well as strengthening, awareness-based somatic movements as inspired by Peter Blackaby, as well as Hatha Yoga techniques.


Suggested Equipment:

  • Mat
  • 2x blankets (can use large towels), a strap (can use dressing gown cord or stretchy belt)
  • Might like to use as additional – block/meditation cushion (can also use a folded blanket/large towel)
  • All the equipment can be replaced with use of items lying around the house so no need to buy anything specific.

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