Getting into the Flow


A class for ‘getting into the flow’ of things by connecting to the fluid body. 

You know that moment when everything just clicks into place, it becomes easy, almost effortless – we’re ‘in the flow’ of things. This class attempts to capture the essence of ‘getting into the flow.’ Finding a smooth breath, noticing the shifts from one movement to the next, having a sense in transition of what we are moving from, what we are moving toward and where we are right now. How can finding our flow support us in moving more gracefully through our practice and our lives? What can the fluid nature of our bodies and our worlds offer as a possibility for how we might be in ourselves?

Possible props needed (but if you do not have them, do not worry, you can still practice):

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • Two yoga bricks (or books)

Please note: after being unlocked, this class remains viewable for 48 hours.