Just 1 Restorative Posture – Front Lying Savasana


In this Just 1 session Ashley will guide you into, through and out of a front lying savasana restorative posture.  Bringing your body into a prone position can draw the sensory organs of the eyes, ears  inward away from external stimulation, allowing a smoother transition away from the sympathetic system (of activity/fight/flight) towards the parasympathetic system (of rest/digest).  This posture can be supportive for the front of the spine (an often explored possibility for added support), creating the possibility of experiencing the spaciousness of the back of the body.


  • Not a posture to practise during pregnancy
  • Not an ideal posture when you have a sinus headache or sinus congestion

Equipment needed:

  • Bolster (or a stack of firm blankets or a firm cushion like a sofa cushion)
  • Blankets (the more the merrier)
  • Block or a book