Just 1 Restorative Posture – Reclining Bond Angle Posture


In this Just 1 session Ashley will guide you into, through and out of a reclining bound angle posture.  Judith Hason Lassater calls this posture ‘the queen of all restorative postures,’ and we’d agree it’s a pretty grand posture indeed.  Supporting the spine in a reclining shape offers a possible sense of containment or holding from which one might explore the opposite sensation of yielding or ease within the body.  This one is one we could stay in ALL DAY LONG!

This shape is one of the few restorative postures that are possible during pregnancy.


  • Bolster (firm sofa cushion or stack of firm blankets)
  • Blankets (the more the merrier)
  • Yoga belt (or a scarf or resistance band)
  • Yoga blocks or bricks (or something sturdy for stacking)