Just One Restorative Posture – Fish


In this Just One Restorative Posture video we will be exploring the Restorative Fish Posture. Depending how you set this posture up, this shape can have a fair bit of back extension.  Creating a broadening of the front of the ribcage (often referred to as a ‘heart opening’ posture in yoga).  Lifting the ribcage can bring attention to your breath, feeling the expansion and contraction of the lungs.  This shape also brings attention to the throat area – lengthening in the cervical spine.  This shape can offer a sense of uplift during relaxation.


  • Be mindful of how your back feels in this shape (pay particular attention to your lower back and your neck)

Equipment needed:

  • Blankets (2 or 3)
  • Blocks/Bricks
  • Perhaps a cushion