Open Yoga 05.01.21 – New Year, New Start, Check-in Practice


This Open Yoga class is a gentle return to the mat after our YATB holiday break.  Whether we’ve been practice every day or not at all over the last few weeks, this practice is one for bringing you back into awareness of how your body is feeling RIGHT NOW.  This is the sort of practice you can (and ought to consider) doing every now and again.  Expect gentle movements for the joint spaces, exploration around the head/neck, some warming sun salutations (with modifications provided) and time to relax at the end.

Equipment needed:

  • Two yoga bricks (or a couple of hard copy books)
  • Yoga strap or resistance band or long scarf
  • A blanket for support
  • If you have one a small blue squishy exercises ball sometimes called a pilates ball or a exersoft ball (no worries if you don’t have one of these, though they are readily available online at YogaMatters or Amazon)