Open Yoga 05.05.21 – Finding Your Own Flow (part of the bringing presence to practice series)


This Open Yoga class is part one of a series on Finding Presence in our Practice.  In this practice we will explore what it means to ‘flow’.  How can we find a sense of flow in the simplest way.  As we shift from shape to shape or sequence to sequence, can we stay present to what is happening ‘between the postures’ as we transition?

What pace or rhythms are coming forward in your practice?  Can you notice if there are ways of moving that allow you to feel more connected, more even/steady, more ‘in the flow?’  Is it possible to invite more of these experiences into your practice?  Making choices to move in ways that support ‘your flow?’  Today’s practice will invite curiosity and exploration in finding your own style/sense of flow.

Suggested equipment

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • Two yoga bricks (if you don’t have these, do not worry you will be fine without them)