Open Yoga 12.05.21 – Seeing things from a different perspective (part of the bringing presence to practice series)


In today’s class we explore inversions, reorienting ourselves a little bit upside down.  Often we have a sense that to invert we need to do something like a headstand (and for sure headstands are inversions) but there are other, perhaps more subtle, ways to shift our internal experience.  Lifting our legs above our hearts – is an inversion . . . what about when we lift our arms above or hearts?  Can we allow a deeper presence during times when things are flipped around a bit, deciding how to find more space/comfort whilst there?  Is it possible to then return back to neutral with more awareness of the shift that has occurred?  Perhaps offering more clarity as to how and when we will ‘invert.’

Suggested equipment

  • Yoga mat
  • Several blankets
  • Two yoga bricks