Open Yoga 12.21.21 – Seeking Comfort (hips/pelvis and lower back practice)


This week’s class follows on from last week’s exploration of what it might be like to lead with the question, “is it comfortable here.”  If we are led by a curiosity to find comfort how does that support us in finding stability, containment, stretch and strength?

This practice aims to support those parts of us that might be sitting for long periods of time at a screen at the moment.  How can we find more space and comfort in and around our hips.  How does feeling more spaciousness in the hips feel?  How does feeling more support/containment in the hips feel?  Which do you prefer right now?  Which do you feel you might need more of?

Possible equipment

  • Two yoga bricks (or sturdy books)
  • blankets (two if possible)
  • Resistance band if you have it
  • Anything else you like to have to support your practice