Open Yoga 17.02.21 – Grounding through balance


This blended Open Yoga and Yoga Gently class offers a possibility of exploring the grounding qualities of balancing.  In a world that is increasingly out of kilter we hear the term ‘find balance’ and perhaps think the answer lies in finding the perfect balance between the various aspects of our lives (work, play, relaxation, exertion etc).  In this class we explore the possibility that being out of balance and present helps us to find our way towards sometime more balanced, more grounded.  That the art/science of balance comes not in expecting all things to be even, smooth, without wobbles, but in exploring the inherent stability within the instability.

Expect: A gentle class with optional flowing sequences and a short restorative practice at the finish

Suggested equipment:

  • yoga mat
  • blanket
  • 2 yoga bricks