Open Yoga 20.04.22 – Taking a ‘Shore Leave’ (an embodied practice for creating more space/time)


How does your body let you know it is had enough?  What signals does it give you?  Maybe it’s tighter muscles, fatigue, less mobility?  You likely already know it’s important to listen in.  You likely already know it’s important to give your body the time it deserves?  But what if you don’t have all that time?  How can you find a little space, a tiny pause amongst the chaos?  Think of it a little like a shore leave, the action is still likely happening on some level within your body, but you can take a tiny moment away to create just enough space to listen in.

What to expect: a hatha inspired yoga practice with optional flowing sequences, mindful strength and somatic practices included.  Followed by a brief relaxation practice.

Suggested equipment:

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga strap (or long scarf)
  • Two yoga bricks (or a couple hardcopy books)