Open Yoga: 27.01.22 What Does Resistance Offer You in Your Practice?


In the fourth class in our series on building resilience we explore what bringing resistance into the body lends us.  When we move without resistance things might feel easy-breezy, that go with the flow sort of movement.  When we add resistance things get tougher, a bit grittier and perhaps make us face discomfort.  As we continue to consider how to make choices in our practice to find ways of moving that serve us where we are, this practice may add a little clarity.  When things get too tough, we are forced to stop – but can we find that place just before it is too much and then stay with it?  Perhaps . . . or perhaps we move away from a pattern/sequence altogether, finding a different pathway through the resistance.

Suggested equipment:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Blanket
  • Medium resistance band