Open Yoga 28.09.21: Pathways to Centre – Warmth


In our third class in the Pathways to Centre series we are ‘warming up’ a bit.  Identifying heat from the centre of our bodies is part of many rituals and practices throughout history.  Yoga is no different in this regard – the area of centre was often described as the ‘source of heat’ within the body in ancient practices.  And actually there is a LOT of heat involved in the processes of digesting.  As we transition to the cooler months, locating the areas of the body that provide a connection to warmth may be a place of comfort.  The ‘power’ of heat in the body doesn’t need to be ‘stoked’ as such, it is there for you, readily available to notice and connect with.  How does noticing your ‘heat’ and ‘power’ support act as a pathway to your centre?