Part 2. Finding Your Balance


The second in our series Finding a Self-Practice looks at noticing when we feel balanced in our practice. This is a Yoga Gently class.

How do we know we’re ‘in balance?’  Even the idea of balance can create an imbalance in us.  So how do we find balance?  One way is to gently explore the opposite of balance.  When do we feel out of balance?  Often a sign that something matters greatly to us is accompanied by a lost sense of balance (think of falling in love).  We should not underestimate our wish to lose our balance.  And perhaps it is through losing your balance that you gain more of a sense of what we need in order to feel stable.  In this class this will mean coming in and out of balancing postures and movements in order to know what balance is for you today.

Possible props needed (but if you do not have them, do not worry, you can still practice):

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • One yoga brick or a book

Please note: after being unlocked, this class remains viewable for 48 hours.