Part 3. Finding Strength & Courage


This is the third class in our series for ‘Finding a Self-Practice,’ an Open Yoga class focussing on finding strength and courage in your yoga practice.

Starting a self practice requires courage, it is always hard to begin something new.  Practicing without a video or a teacher in front of you is daunting.  Thoughts like, ‘will I do it right’ or ‘what would I even do alone on my mat?’ often stop us from trying.  Self practice is about trusting your body, greeting it where you are and moving from that place.  In this class you will do some mindful strength, allowing an opportunity to connect to your own strength.  You’ll be invited to try out different types of movements, loading in different ways and experimenting with what feels strong or stable in your body.

Possible props needed (but if you do not have them, do not worry, you can still practice):

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • One yoga brick or a book

Please note: after being unlocked, this class remains viewable for 48 hours.