Restorative by Candlelight: Making Choices to Seek Out More Comfort


Make yourself extra cozy, switch the lighting low (or even light a few candles), it’s time for Restorative by Candlelight.

In this month’s Restorative by Candlelight Ashley explores the possibility of making choices in our practice.  How can we use the invitation of a posture as a guide rather than a rule?  Would it be possible to allow yourself to feel even more comfortable in this restorative practice.  Sometimes a variation that a teacher offers might work better in your body at a specific moment.  Our practice is to continue to build our awareness of our bodies to better support our choice-making during practice.  Do I want an added blanket under my lower back or not?  Might my head need more support here?  Do I want to lay on my right or left side?  Listen in and see if your body gives you any clues as to how you might seek more comfort!

What to expect: a restorative yoga practice, fully supported postures using props, periods of stillness, support in getting into and out of restorative postures and an extended savasana.

Suggested equipment:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blankets (a nice big stack)
  • Cushions
  • Yoga bolster (or firm cushion)
  • Two Yoga Bricks (or sturdy hard copy books)