Restorative Yoga 26.02.21 – What Do You Need Right Now to In Order to Seek Rest?


This month’s restorative yoga session in one in which we explore the possibility that just lying down and taking a few noticeable breaths may not be enough to help us settle towards rest.  Our practice today is one in which you will be allowed time and invitation to seek out what your body needs in order to be more settled.  Sometimes this might be movement?  Sometimes this might be added support?  Sometimes this might be noticing sounds around or within?  During this class you will be given permission to seek out what you need right now, in this moment to find more ease in order to better settle toward rest.

Restorative yoga practice involves mainly lying down postures that are supported by props you can find around your home, held for several minutes.  This practice is one that supports the nervous system in settling.

*to note this video was recorded with less studio lighting to support less brightness on your screen.

Suggested equipment

  • 3-4 blankets
  • two yoga bricks (or books)
  • Bolster or a firm cushion
  • Cushion or pillow
  • Chair, wall or edge of a bed/sofa etc.
  • Eye pillow