Strength & Stability


A class to help you find and connect with your strength and understand its relationship to stability. 

The theme for this class is finding strength. What does it feel like when you connect with your strength? There are many different forms of strength – consider the difference between an oak tree and bamboo, both strong in their own way. Strength can be found in the slowest, smallest, most subtle movements (as well as bigger, grander movements). An invitation in this practise is to stay present to your edges, know when you are pushing too hard, too much – finding strength means residing in our stability.

Possible props needed (but if you do not have them, do not worry, you can still practice):

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • One yoga brick or book
  • Resistance band (light or medium)

Please note: after being unlocked, this class remains viewable for 48 hours.