Yoga Gently 07.01.22: New Year – Same Me! A Practice for Checking In


It’s a brand new year and all around us are messages that we need to change and become ‘more’ ‘better’ ‘fitter’ etc.  What if that weren’t the case?  What if you were pretty alright already?  What if the difference between the new year and the old year were just a few moments.

Our practice is about welcoming what we meet each time we come to the mat.  Trying, as best we can, to find ways of moving that fit us right where we are; whether we are trying to feel flexibility or strength, relaxation or energised . . . it starts from knowing where we are now.

Perhaps there is the possibility that there are plenty of times throughout the year (week, day, moment) to step through a doorway – to set intentions based on where we are right now.

What to expect: a gentle movement practice, some standing yoga postures, followed by a restorative practice and savasana.

Suggested equipment:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket (or blankets)
  • Two yoga bricks (or some hardcopy books)
  • Bolster or firm sofa cushion