Yoga Gently 11.06.21 – Adding a Little Springiness into Your Practice


This class is all about embodying that summer-time feeling.  As we enter the summer term at Yoga at the Barn Ashley is offering a series of classes to embrace the active within.  How can we find a bit of a spring in our steps, support from our connective tissues, feeling into the possibility of uplift from within.

In this class, we will begin the series by exploring the potential springiness from the connective tissues – how can we find a little ‘bounce’ or rebound before settling into relatively still shapes?  It may be that we find that little ‘boost’ simply by emptying the breath and noticing the way the lungs ‘just fill’ – the natural spring of our in breath.

Expect a class of gentle yoga movements, followed by time in restorative yoga postures.

Suggested equipment:

  • Yoga mat
  • Several blankets (2 or 3) or a yoga bolster