Yoga Gently 15.01.21 – Being Led By Comfort


Yoga Gently this week is a continued invitation to be led by comfort – what would it be like if we had the question: ‘is this comfortable,’ guide our movement?  We will be focussing primarily in and around the hips and pelvis as we explore finding space and containment.  Expect a gentle warm up, a gentle standing sequence and a restorative practice to finish.

This is a great practice for anyone who has been spending much of their day seated.  A practice for unravelling some of the held tension around the pelvis, hips and sacrum.

Equipment that might be helpful

  • Two yoga bricks (sturdy books might work)
  • Two blankets (or more)
  • A cushion
  • A bolster (if you have one or perhaps a stack of blankets or a firm cushion)
  • A resistance band or yoga strap (a scarf will work)