Yoga Gently 20.11.20 – Finding Balance


This is the 6th session in our series on embodying resilience.  In this class we will explore balance.  At the moment there is a lot of polarity around – hot/cold, dark/light, right/wrong . . . so it’s not surprising that there is also a lot out there about finding the ‘perfect balance’ somewhere smack in the centre of these two things.  But what if we are always seeking balance?  What if the body is in constant search for equanimity – always looking to seek harmony?  In this sense we can find balance in many places – not just in the centre of two polarities.  Not just in standing on one leg without wobbling.

Expect: gentle movements, some gentle yoga stand postures and finishing with some restorative yoga.


  • Yoga mat
  • Blankets (the more the merrier)
  • Cushion
  • Two yoga bricks (or a couple of hard copy books about the same size)
  • A yoga bolster if you have one (or perhaps a firm sofa cushion)