Yoga Gently 22.10.21 – Pathways to Centre Series: connection to the psoas


This is the final class in our series on finding new pathways to our centre.  And it would be remiss of us not to explore a crucial ‘connecting’ muscle at our centre – the psoas muscles.  These two, deep and long muscles that connect our upper body to our lower body through centre work as both stabilising muscles and also form a pathway to our nervous systems.  When we breath – this muscle contracts. When we walk, these muscles at as a support system.  And when we release tension in these muscles that can signal our nervous system to dial things down.  We will finish this class with several psoas release postures, giving plenty of time for deep relaxation.

What you will need:

  • a yoga mat
  • chair
  • stack of blankets
  • two yoga bricks (or a stack of hardcopy books)
  • a squidgy ball (a blanket will work here)