Yoga Gently 26.02.21 – Connect to earth, the embodying nature series


This week we begin a series on embodying nature in our yoga practice.  You know that feeling when you take a lovely walk in the sunshine?  What if we could capture that at any moment on our mat.  One way of exploring our connection to nature is by exploring our embodied experience of the elements.

Today’s class is a class for finding out connection to the ground beneath us.  How does connecting more deeply to the earth below help establish more space, freedom, ease, mobility?

Expect a gentle warm up locating areas of support through the feet, some standing posture and movement work followed by a restorative posture.

Suggested equipment:

  • Several blankets
  • Two yoga bricks
  • A yoga strap, resistance band or a scarf
  • A bolster
  • A chair