Yoga Gently 23.04.21 – Presence in Practice: Heaviness vs. Lightness


This week’s Open Yoga class is class 2 in the series of bringing presence to practice.  Noticing or tracking how the body feels during a yoga session is tricky, throughout this series Ashley will offer you ways to begin to build more awareness, finding simple practices that slow things down and allow more time to be present.

This class asks you to draw your attention to two ‘simple’ sensations, heaviness and lightness.  Can you stay present to where you feel or notice sensations of heaviness?  Can you notice where it is lighter?  How can locating heaviness lend itself to feeling stable or strong?  How can drawing your attention to areas that feel light support creating more space or stretch?  Is it possible to just stay with these sensations and that by staying with them find different ways to negotiate moving?

What to expect:  checking in and warming up, gentle movement and standing yoga postures, and some restorative yoga to finish.

Suggested equipment:

  • Yoga mat
  • Stack of blankets
  • Cushion
  • Yoga bolster