Yoga Gently 04.12.20 – Working Through Resistance


Yoga Gently’s latest live online class is the start of a new 3-part series called the 3-Rs.  December is a stressful month at the best of times, but this year even more so.  This series is going to help support us is finding space and ease leading up to the holiday season.  We’re kicking the series off with a session on working through resistance.  Sometimes in order to better know ease we have to explore tension, we have to feel our muscles working against something – resisting.  This class will involve bringing some pushing/pulling actions into our yoga postures.  Working through resistance to see what’s on the other side.  Finishing off with a lovely restorative posture for the psoas muscles.

Equipment needed

  • Yoga mat
  • blanket
  • Resistance band (ideally a medium (red) theraband or something similar)
  • A few blankets
  • A bolster if you have one
  • Maybe a cushion or two