Our Online Class Collection

Filmed at the Barn often during live classes, our live and pre-recorded classes capture the true-to-life interactions you’d come across if you were with us in person. So although they aren’t polished to perfection, we hope you’ll embrace their authenticity in the spirit they were created, which centres community above all.

These pre-recorded yoga classes are designed for you to practice in your own time, at your own pace, and in your own space. Our online collection features some longer classic classes as well as short, snappy practices that can slip easily into your schedule.

As with all YATB classes, these are open to all and suitable for anyone that has a body. No prior experience is required unless otherwise mentioned. 

All videos on the page have a 48hrs expiry, so you can practice the video up to 48hrs after you’ve purchased the video.  We recommend you purchase your video when you are prepared to practice.  


Featured Sessions

Straight from the YATB studio, these 75 min sessions are some of our favourites.  Enjoy either a Postnatal Pilates session, Open Yoga session or a Yoga Gently session from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.  If you like what you’ve practice, check out our other sections for a wide-variety of different yoga/movement practices. ENJOY!  

75 minutes

Open Yoga 04.05.22 – Bring it BACK (a practice for acknowledging your back strength)

Ah our poor backs, they only ever get our attention when they are feeling sore, niggly or downright awful. But your beautiful back is just as interesting a place to explore movement as is your front.  It can be tricky to ’embodied’ our back body as we cannot even really see it.  In this class we will use a sense of our muscles to help us better understand the strength and stability our backs can provide us. What to expect: a hatha inspired yoga class with optional flowing sequences, mindful strength and somatic movement explored and finishing with a trauma informed relaxation practice. Suggested equipment:
  • Yoga mat
  • Medium strength resistance band (if available)
  • Two yoga bricks (or two hardcopy books)
  • A blanket


75 minutes

Open Yoga 20.04.22 – Taking a ‘Shore Leave’ (an embodied practice for creating more space/time)

How does your body let you know it is had enough?  What signals does it give you?  Maybe it’s tighter muscles, fatigue, less mobility?  You likely already know it’s important to listen in.  You likely already know it’s important to give your body the time it deserves?  But what if you don’t have all that time?  How can you find a little space, a tiny pause amongst the chaos?  Think of it a little like a shore leave, the action is still likely happening on some level within your body, but you can take a tiny moment away to create just enough space to listen in. What to expect: a hatha inspired yoga practice with optional flowing sequences, mindful strength and somatic practices included.  Followed by a brief relaxation practice. Suggested equipment:
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga strap (or long scarf)
  • Two yoga bricks (or a couple hardcopy books)


75 minutes

Yoga Gently 11.03.22: Rebuilding Your Foundation

This Yoga Gently class explores our relationship to the ground. In the second part of our series on rebuilding we are exploring how finding our foundation (the ground) can support us in moving forward. How can our relationship to the ground better help us establish where we are and where/how we might want to move. In this practice the support of the ground can act as uplift or place to return to, place of rebound or yield, place to for settling into or springing away from. The invitation in this class is to explore your own impulses as you meet the ground. What to expect: Gently yoga postures and movements and mindful strength followed by a restorative posture. Suggested equipment:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Two bricks
  • Several  blankets
  • Cushion


Explore our class collection

Ashley Macdonald YATB

Open Yoga

These classes are our most popular offering of the week.  Hatha-inspired yoga sessions that include: body awareness, invitational language, mindful strength, optional flowing sequences and an embodied approach.  These classes are open to all, however,  beginners may want to start with a Yoga Gently or The Ground We Stand On video.  Accessible and welcoming.

Yoga Gently

A slower-paced class for those that like to take things a little easier. Mindful movement is combined with restorative postures, breath awareness and some light meditation to help you tune in to the wisdom of your body and create some balance.

Beginner's Yoga class
restorative yoga. woman lying down being supported

Just 1 Restorative Posture

Just 1 is the key to sorting a tiny space for peace and restoration in your day.  In these sessions Ashley will guide you into just one restorative posture, providing a short experience of restoration.  These sessions are between 15-20 minutes to enjoy a bit of space out of your busy day.  Whether you practice during your lunchtime break or just before bedtime, you’ll be squeezing in a bit of relaxation into your busy day and your body will thank you for it!

Chair Yoga​

This class includes yoga postures as well as movements adapted to a chair, allowing you an opportunity to connect to these shapes/movements in a new way.  At YATB we not only believe in creating accessible ways to connect to yoga, but we believe that movements should be experienced in many different forms.  Seated yoga allows you an opportunity to move in a variety of possibilities – and our bodies can become more resilient/strong/flexible etc if we try movement patterns in lots of different ways.  Expect a practice that is both settling and strong.  Try it as a break from work if you’ve been seated at your desk all day!

Postnatal Pilates

A Pilates class to support new mums in gaining strength and support postnatally. This class will focus mainly on abdominal work, particularly for strengthening the core and the pelvic floor areas. Students will also concentrate on general arm, shoulder and leg strengthening as lifting and carrying baby.

Restorative Yoga

A grounded, supportive practice that’ll soothe and centre body and mind. Settle into seated and lying postures using some makeshift props to enhance rest and relaxation. A wonderful antidote to the fast pace of everyday life.

Open Flow Yoga

An uplifting, energising practice with carefully-crafted sequences of postures that flow with the rhythm of the breath. Flow classes offer a more dynamic style for those that are familiar with their yoga practice. 

The Ground We Stand On (Series)​

Explore the basic standing postures of yoga and understand how to apply them to your own body. These classes are designed for those who are new to yoga and keen to dive into the basics, as well as experienced practitioners looking for a fresh take on familiar shapes.  A great place to begin your yoga journey.

Upper Body Strength Series YATB

Strength Series

A series crafted to connect you to your strength.  These videos guide you in building awareness and connection to the strength you already have, and provide supportive ways to progressively develop strength.  Toss aside your traditional notions of strength – welcome the idea that you already possess strength and this is your chance to connect more deeply with it!

Finding Your Self-Practice (Series)

A series created to support you in finding your own yoga self-practice.  Including both Open Yoga and Yoga Gently Classes, these classes aim to help you take the leap from instruction lead classes, to self-guided and self-developed practise.  With a bit of support you can take the step to add your own yoga practice into your daily life. Enjoy the whole series or take the classes that you feel would most support you in building your own practice.

Morning Yoga Series

Set the tone for your day with some yoga and movement. These 30-minute sessions are a great way to get moving in the morning and offer gentle yoga postures and/or optional flowing sequences.

Sleep Series

Unwind at the end of a long, busy day and prepare your body and mind for restful sleep with these 30-minute sessions. Mindful movement, restorative postures, breathing, and mindfulness practices all help ease you into the evening or night.

candle lit on a table